Ethos and Approach

 I work with ideas led people who want the very best for their communities, themselves, and their business. I help organisations reflect on what a 'good' online space feels like and provide the tools, programmes and inspiration to build those spaces. 

We welcome moments to pause in an online world that can be noisy and non stop.

We partner to forge and reclaim our online spaces for the communities that we serve.

We enjoy what we do and we've got the laughter lines to prove it.

The Values

The values Curiosity, Wisdom, Growth and Joy are  at the heart of my business. If those values speak to you, so might my services and products.

The Cycle

Like all living, breathing things a community lends itself to a cyclical approach: it’s rarely stagnant. It’s always evolving. I provide the resources, the products and the space for you to take a little  time to Think, Build and Thrive (and to repeat as and when it suits)

The method

From 'pause' to 'listen', 'reflect', 'create' all around the wheel to 'enjoy', we've resources, programmes and inspiration for every step of the community design process.


My story

Every community and every member has a story that has drawn them to that space. Here is my story.

to share yours