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Services Done For You

On demand VIP services whenever you need them.

VIP days with Abby

That thing you don't want to do? I'll do it for you. That thing you don't know how to do? I'll do it with you.

When things get in the way of you focussing on doing what you love and what you do best, send those things my way.

An experienced Business & Community manager, I can get that 'thing' sorted in a day set aside just for you and your business.

£549 per VIP day

How can I help?

Enquire now

Thanks for your enquiry. I will be in touch soon

Abby is a joy to work with.
She is a diligent, problem solver that is also really fun to work with.
Abby looks to actively find solutions and I would not hesitate to recommend her.
Caroline Sumners, Award Winning Marketing Consultant
Enquire VIP Day

How does it work?



What can you help me with?


  • it's got business and community management at its heart

  • you are a coach, course creator or consultant delivering knowledge based services

  • you are a sole trader or SME

I can help or direct you to someone who can. 


What are your turn around times?

If you can get payment, onboarding forms and the 20 minute kick off in the diary (if needed) quickly, we can normally turn around a VIP day from your initial enquiry to completion within 21 working days. If the VIP day is a strategy session where both of us need to be present, that will depend on our joint commitments.


Can I cancel my VIP day?

You are under no contractual obligations with me until I receive payment from you. Once payment is received, you can postpone your VIP day up to one time at no cost to you. You can cancel at no cost anyime so long as the cancellation comes with more than 5 working days notice. Less than 5 working days notice, there is no refund.


How do I start

Complete the enquiry form on this page and I'll take it from there,


What's systems do you work with?

Day to day I work with: Wix, Calendly, Stripe, Thinkific, Canva, Google tools, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Mighty Networks, Brevo and Loom. I've a good working knowledge of Xero, Slack, Zoom, Vimeo, Active Campaign, Wordpress, Airtable, Zapier, Credly and Arlo. I like upskillig  and undertaking research on any platforms in the online community and course space.


Can I book more than one VIP day at a time?

Yes! I'll work through your requests one at a time.

If you've a few projects and BAU pieces you'd like to hand over to me, my flexible There For You subscription packages might  be more economical


Can I schedule VIP days in advance

Yes. Just keep in mind cancellation terms and remember - if you know you've a busy period ahead and might need to outsource a few bits of work, my There For You services might be more cost effective.

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