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an introduction to online spaces and communities for the community curious

a community based business is for you

 if you are interested in transformative learning journeys and longer term partnerships that will elevate your brand and business.

if you offer

cohort based courses; group supervision; downloadable resources; self guided elearning; purchasable content;  products that people need a little guidance on now and then


if you want to

amplify the buzz around brands with people who care; create an engaging, exclusive space where your most loyal audience members can be better looked after; connect with industry peers in well designed online hangouts; chat and connect with people you trust


well designed online communities and spaces can elevate your business by taking you


course cohorts



 a spreadsheet of course alumni

you seen as leader who coachees offload accountability to


providing standalone elearning and resources

having a great idea

having an engaged, public audience

knowing a group of industry peers who share your interests

engaging sheepishly on public forums, trying to catch the eye of the algorithm


accountable micro communities, who can stay in touch, inspire and deepen learning long after the original programme ends.


mastermind groups, where alumni can continue to support and celebrate each other on their transformative journeys.

you as facilitator, holding space for the group to grow in confidence by supporting each other.

providing a space to reach out to others to ask questions about those resources and deepen learning.

having a space to co-ordinate action.

having an exclusive paid membership.

creating a community of practice where you can grow and lead the conversation together.

safer online conversations, free from the ads.

Deeper relationships, delivering longer lasting business partnernships and fully engaged brand ambassadors

Membership based communities  bringing in a regular income  for your business and increased ROI for the members who make the most of the space.

A home for elearning, resources and events within a safe, inspiring space where people arrive clear on purpose and  open to hearing more about other products and services that you offer.

A space for life-long learning, nurturing people who lean into your brand whenever they need support.

For a global business presence with a small business budget, you have a way to stay connected with  your communities, wherever they’re located.

Private, closed communities  for safer spaces where people can be open.  Move away from an algorithm based platform, you can lose the ads too.

Thinking like a community based business, keeping a firm eye on profits while being liberated to centre the real needs of people above the wants of platforms.


of the online community model include

is a community based business for you?

I'm still curious

Still got questions? Get in touch. We  love to chat community.

I'm ready to start

Download our community and online spaces 101.  This gives more background into our approach and provides useful questions and prompts to kick start your community journey. Alternatively, get in touch using the links at the bottom of this page to get things moving, quickly







A Little Bit Different 101

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