We're here for the people-centred communities that let us live our best online lives

Read on if you are too

We bring diverse voices together with our purposeful programmes, resources & process 


We ask everyone we partner with to take  time to think about what you, your members and your business really need from your online communites. We provide a space for thought.


We bring the expertise and products that will help you build an online community defined by the needs of people, not the wants of algorithms


We believe online spaces should help humans and businesses thrive. We have resources that help you nurture your communities, grow your business and celebrate together.

We understand what brought you here

I’ll hazard a guess that one of the reasons you are here is because you are curious about building authentic connections with people in a way that benefits your business.

I’ll also take a punt and state that you are yearning for online spaces that are  propelled forward by the positive energy of others rather  than algorithms that seem intent on division.


You are likely considering setting up or refreshing a  paid for / membership  based community where you:


  1. Learn together ( a community of pratice); or

  2. Share ideas and solutions (a community led support space); or 

  3. Come together to change something through action (an action group); or

  4. Have a desire to connect with people with similar interests (a chat forum)



We know that this is stopping you...

  • Many of your go-to online spaces are at best zapping your time and at worst zapping your mental health. 

  • There are so many platforms and tools claiming to be able to host communities that you don’t know where to start.

  • You feel saturated by online content and overwhelmed by the thought of getting what you do out there and appreciated by others.

  • You are unclear about the amount of resource - time and money - it will take to run an online community and that makes you nervous.

  • You can't clearly pin down the benefits of an online community.

  • You don’t want to be a content creating machine. Communities need content, right?

  • You don’t want to be dependent on an algorithm that relies on anger, outrage and division for success.

  • You're not sure what ‘success’ looks like.

  • You’re bewildered that unelected billionaires with unclear moral codes get to dictate what is good, what is ‘right’ and  who can speak.You want your ethos at the heart of what you offer.

  • You had hoped that online spaces would democratise access to wisdom, knowledge and  local whats-on guides. You’re appalled that many seem to be actively dismantling those very things. You don’t want to be a part of that.

Here is how we move things forward

and enjoy ourselves while doing it