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From courses to memberships, from information hubs to communities of practice, we centre the needs of humans above the wants of platforms to design online spaces and habits that allow brands, businesses and people to thrive.

we start with

our manifesto
Copy of  a little bit diffferent (Banner (Landscape)).png

we support you

_a little bit diffferent (Banner (Landscape)) (500 × 500 px).png

and are guided by

the Feel Accomplished Framework
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along the way, we provide support, info, downloads, training and nurture packages to help you

choose the right platform

use the platform right

set up the platform so it works for you


 create talk guidelines.

protect vulnerable users

deal with trolls, trouble makers and tricky situations

protect health and headspace


onboard new members

 train your team and moderators


 produce engaging, compelling content

content and engagement

measure what matters

 use all this information to make informed decisions

price things appropriately

demonstrate ROI

data and decision making

leaving you with

an elevated brand, built upon a thriving, community based business model that enables transformative learning journies and longer term relationships

sounds good?

Learn More

Download our community and online spaces 101 . This gives more background into our approach and provides useful questions and prompts to kick start your community journey

Get started

Book a £97 power hour with Abby, designed to answer one or two burning questions you have around getting starting with online space design and communities or with revamping what you already have






A Little Bit Different 101

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