...your headspace, your bottom line and your online communities

If you want to:

  • Bring some order to the ideas you have for your business, your clients and communities;

  • re-align your customer journey so it centres the person and not the process;

  • design, nurture and grow an online or hybrid community;

  • feel joy and not dread when creating and crafting online content and customer comms;

  • refresh your existing community or membership to bring back the fun and the focus;

  • outsource the operational elements of your business so that you can be fully present with your clients,

I can help. Contact me for further info on how we can work together, or book a call here.



You've got ideas for your clients, your communities and your memberships but not the time or the know-how to action them? We've got this.

Together, we can realise these ideas while freeing up your headspace so you can focus on doing what you love.

I love: making ideas happen; centering people & communities when creating the process;  effective, informative & engaging communications.

I am less keen on: 'can't do that'; 'computer-says-no'; clunky systems; Redbush tea. 

I have happy clients secure in the knowledge they can implement their ideas while keeping fully present in the day to day. Drop me a line if you'd like to join them.

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Bring your burning question or big idea and let's talk through possible ways to tackle things. Great for exploring one or two questions about your customer journey such as tricky clients, onboarding, community moderaration and credit control.



You know that you are looking for support with designing or refreshing your online community, end to end customer journey or perhaps it's time to start outsourcing the operational 'stuff' to a safe pair of hands.  If you are looking for longer term hands on support, book this scoping session first. *Fully refundable if you go on to partner with me.


£149 per 90 minutes

121 time with me for you to take stock, breathe and address thoughts of overwhelm.  Great for when you've got so many ideas you don't know where to start or when time and organisational pressures leave you feeling as if you aren't fully present with you clients, cohorts and communities.


Packages from £549

I can work with you to design, nurture or refresh your online or hybrid communities, memberships and courses.  Fully trained in Mighty Networks, I can provide audits and training on this platorm.


Retainers from £575pm

If it's time to outsource some of your operational tasks or project oversight, I offer retainer packages as follows:

5 hours per week from £575pm

10 hours per week from £1150pm

15 hours per week from £1725pm



Abby said she was the perfect fit for our business, and she is! She is bright, capable, tech-savvy and smart. Abby grabs the reigns of stuff and doesn’t let go until it’s done, and done well. She is organised yet flexible, detailed and big picture, serious about business and great fun to work with. I can’t believe our luck in finding her as she is the world’s best kept secret and truthfully I’d prefer to keep her that way!

Georgina Woudstra, ICF Master Certified Coach & Founder of Team Coaching Studio

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