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Mighty Networks Support

A bit about Mighty Networks

Mighty networks is a paid for SAAS platform where you can bring your courses, memberships, and offers together in a powerful community under your own brand on iOS, Android, and the web.It's ad and algorithm free.

Your whole Mighty Network and the different spaces that you set up within it can be free or paid or a combination of both.

You can set up numerous spaces, each allowing any combination of events, resources, elearning programmes, pages and activity feeds. You can group different spaces into 'collections' so they are easier to find or tailored for different sub groups of your community.


Each collection and space can be set to 'public' (everyone can see and join), 'private' (everyone can see, must request to  join) or 'secret' (only people you share the link with can see and join).

Mighty offer lots of in built functionality such as native video, live feeds and the ability to take payments. But it also allows for integrations using tools like Zapier: if you want to power up your Mighty with favourite tools such as thrivecart, Zoom, airtable and active campaign then you can.

What we can help you with

Mighty's own tech support is great. Make use of it whenever you can or need.


What they can't do, though is drill down into the specific needs of your brand, business and communities and set up your spaces, courses, events, branding, content, engagement or more strategic requirements in a way that works for you.

They also can't get hands on with setting up your spaces or automations.

We can help with all these things on a short notice basis. We can provide support as a one off or over a longer term relationship.

If you're struggling to set up Mighty in a way that makes sense to you, or if you'd like to get more from the platform, get in touch.

I am not affiliated to Mighty Networks. My journey so far means I have gained a lot of expertise on the platform and I like to share that where I can.

Mighty Power Hour

One hour with Abby to trouble shoot or explore 1 or 2 burning questions or ideas. Perfect to resolve one off issues, quickly. £97 BOOK NOW


VIP day

A day of hands on Mighty expertise to get a key task sorted. Great for things such as creating onboarding articles, creating your Mighty 'Welcome checklist' content, uploading course content, uploading events, uploading resources. FROM £500 ENQUIRE NOW


Bespoke services

After something a bit more bespoke? Arrange a free 20 minute Zoom with Abby and we can take things from there. BOOK YOUR FREE ZOOM






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