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Free Your Expertise

Business Support for Coaches & Consultants

I can help you free up your time & headspace so you can grow your business, your expertise and your love of what you do best.

It's time to run your coaching business in a way that feels good

with focussed, effective, human-centred support designed so you, your business & tribe can thrive.

Seeing your clients, cohorts and communities learn, grow, and forge a deeper understanding of your field of interest: that's where the magic is. 

Sometimes though - just when you feel on the cusp of accomplishing something great - relationships, learning and practice drift away towards the next pull on time.

I’m a freelance business  & community manager who believes ops, systems and automations should be designed to free your expertise so you can focus on what you love, on  what you do best and what your business needs from you if it is to stand out from the crowd. 


I can help you free up your time, reclaim your headspace, feel good with your finances & accomplish more with your tribe, together.


Drop me a line to chat through how.

I can help you...


Design Vibrant Online Spaces

Where you, your teams and online communities can belong better, together.


Protect Health & Headspace

With easy to follow tips, tools and automations that have humans at their heart and keep your profit margin in mind.


Build Belonging

With a whole host of services that include:

💫onboarding, offboarding, & talk guidelines to welcome.

💫Content and comms strategies  tailored to your tribe.

💫Online community and membership design, set up and nurture.


Make decisions that make a positive difference to your brand and bottom line by measuring what matters.

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About Abby

I love the detail, the getting stuff done and keeping an eye on your ROI as much as I love being creative.​

My squiggly career has left me with a skill-stack-blend that includes customer service, course admin, SME ops, community design, people management,  blue sky dreaming and just sitting down, cracking on and getting things done.

Belonging and community matter to me and I can show you how - if it matters to you - you can build a better business and a better world to do business in.

What My Clients Say

“Abby grabs the reigns of stuff and doesn’t let go until it’s done, and done well. She is organised yet flexible, detailed and big picture, serious about business and great fun to work with. I can’t believe our luck in finding her as she is the world’s best kept secret and truthfully I’d prefer to keep her that way"

Georgina Woudstra, ICF Master Certified Coach & Founder of Team Coaching Studio

We felt she went the extra mile in understanding the highly complex nature of the product, asking the right questions and  offering suggestions. This is something that we appreciated the most - she became an extension of the team for a couple of weeks.

Abby is very easy to deal with, very flexible, with a positive attitude and she delivers ahead of deadlines. 

Evguenia Demenko, Sales & Marketing Director

"What really impresses me is Abby's handle on the back-end systems - she's able to look at both the bigger picture and the nitty gritty when it comes to delivering a great customer experience.

She makes my life easier and I'd happily recommend her to any company looking for a thoughtful and strategic community manager"

Jacob Monash,

automation and integration specialist

Work with me

Need a power hour, ops done for you or a unique, subscription based service (to me!) that gives you the ops support you need without the FTE overhead?There's a service for you. 


Walk it through

See your new process/product launch through the eyes of your customer and get ready to launch with confidence. ??Why do I need your walk it through service?? When you've been working on something a while, it's hard to see the glitches. When you can't see for looking, let me look for you. ??What sort of things can you QA for me?? Examples include - A newly designed web landing page checking links, branding, buttons work. - The sign up experience for a customer of one of your products, services or community spaces. - Internal onboarding document for new team members. - E-learning programme flow. - Nurture mail sequences. ??How does your walk-it-through service work?? 1. You book a time for me to walk it through (you don't attend this scheduled time). 2. When you book the time, you provide the additional information requested. This includes how I access the process. 3. You crack on with other things while I walk through the process like a user would. 4. I'll provide feedback via a 5 minute screen recording where I screenshare what I see and the glitches I spotted. 5. I hand back to you. ??How do I schedule a walk-it-through?? - Click the BOOK NOW button to get time in my calendar for me to walk through the process. -You don't attend this diarised time. I'll walk it through behind the scenes while you crack put your feet up. -I'll aim to get the screen recording back to you at the end of the alloted time you booked. That's it! It's all walked through.


Talk it through

1 hour with me to chat through one or 2 burning questions or ideas for you business. Examples of things we can chat through: . - Course set up considerations. - Client management automations. - Community types that might work for you. - Membership pricing tiers. - Streamlining systems and tools. - Recruiting contractors. - Reducing the mental load of feeling constantly 'on' in your onlines business. Click the BOOK NOW button to secure your power hour slot.


Done for you

That thing you don't want to do? I'll do it for you! That thing you're not sure how to do? I'll do it with you. 

Click 'LEARN MORE' for more info



There for you

A subscription based service (to me!). Peace of mind that you are my priorty and business management support is on hand when you need it.

Click 'LEARN MORE' for more info.

Walk It Through
Talk It Through
Strategy session

The "could really do with support but I don't know where to start" service


Book a 90 minute strategy session


Where we will go through:

  • what you are up to now

  • where you'd like to be

  • what's going well

  • Ideas for delegating, automating or maybe even ditching services, channels and elements of your offer.

  • ideas for next steps to propel your business forward

 Fully refundable if you go on to purchase one of my 'there for you' subscription packages
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